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Higher motor insurance standards, so you do more business

Build your business on ALPHERA’s uncompromising quality and commitment to best-in-class service, across all areas of car finance.


More choice, more support, more business-focused services

As an ALPHERA business Partner, what can you expect of us? First of all, access to the resources and expertise of the BMW Group across all areas of motor finance and insurance – along with the standard-setting quality and exceptional service that includes.

But in this section, you’ll find a lot more than that. Our comprehensive range of motor finance and insurance products… help with commercial funding, mortgages and compliance… the very best technology, at your disposal whenever you want it… industry accreditation… they’re all here for you, all designed to help you sell more vehicles and do more business.

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The flexible way to write more finance business

We know one size will never fit all when it comes to our business Partners. So we’ll work closely with you to design bespoke packages for your customers, and boost your retention and future margins.

We take the same approach to pricing, helping you develop and deliver effective tactical campaigns to sell more cars and motorcycles, increase finance penetration and boost your bottom line.

More ALPHERA services for Partners

Driver-focused finance from car-focused specialists

As a motor company, rather than a bank, our products are designed first and foremost to provide maximum value for drivers and their vehicles – and for motor industry specialists like you.

Insurance that works for you and your customers

With our insurance products, you can offer specific, straightforward cover that protects your customers against many of the unforeseen costs of driving.

Funding to help your business grow

From funding to help make sure your stock levels match demand, through to commercial mortgages to support your business growth, we offer our business Partners a range of wider commercial support.

Compliance made clear for you

Call on us for practical tools, expert guidance and hands-on consultancy to help you meet all of your compliance requirements and make your sale processes even more efficient.

The best technology (and support) in the business

Call on our comprehensive suite of showroom technology, finance and insurance tools, and marketing products – all backed by our support team – to streamline your business and access more opportunities.

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